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Our duty to you, and your child

Ensuring the welfare of international students, aged 8-18, studying at UK schools/colleges.

24 Hour On Call

Our 24 hour emergency phone service ensures you have a direct line of contact when it is most needed.

Regular Updates

We keep in close contact with parents, ensuring your continued involvement in your childs stay.

Host Families

Carefully checked and matched host families in a choice of locations in close proximity to your childs school.

Trusted Transportation

Your childs safety is paramount and commuting is a big part of this. We only use validated transportation.

Event Attendance

On your behalf, we attend any events at your childs school providing them with support and reassurance.

World Class

Like the education provided in Cambridge, Oxford and across the UK, our care service is second to none.

Around the World

We provide our guardianship service to families from all around the globe.

Recent Testimonials

I have worked with CGA for 3 years introducing my highly demanding, bespoke Japanese families to the UK top schools. my students are aged from 7 – 16 year old.  The reason why I work with CGA is that they are not a company introducing only host families, but they are supporting the families with the eyes of mothers with warm hearts and great advice all the time. In fact, the host families they introduced to the clients are such warm, nice and intelligent families my clients are all happy with all their range of services.  I do strongly recommend CGA and so pleased we met.
Consultant- October 2020
Unfortunately, the first year of my child’s study abroad in the UK coincided with the arrival of the COVID pandemic. In the midst of a series of unexpected events, including city lockdown, school closures, and restrictions on parents’ travel to the UK, the CGA was flexible and generous in its support of our lives and my son’s studies. The quality of CGA’s services was outstanding under the emergency situation. It is thanks to CGA that my child is able to continue his education in the UK, and I know what his best options are. Despite the ongoing difficult circumstances and because of the support of CGA I feel my son is safe and secure.
Parent King’s Canterbury- October 2020

AGES certification and proximity to the school were two of the main criterion which helped to filter out CGA. It turned out to be the right choice for our son. Julia, Antonia and Flora on the CGA team are all very responsive and attentive to requests. They carefully chose the host families to make sure Joey had comfortable stays. All logistics were arranged carefully and communicated upfront. As such, Joey has been travelling safely for Exeats and holidays. Worth mentioning, Flora from CGA is a native Chinese speaker, it was handy for us to get in touch with CGA when Wechat was the only accessible online messenger tool.

Parent, Oundle School, January 2020

We were a bit worried about sending our daughter to a distant country alone, but the CGA cleared it up. They took care of various school procedures and my daughter’s life quickly. They also introduced me to a wonderful host family. My daughter had a host family who are lovely and had a warm environment as if she were in her own house. CGA also gave us a lot of support when we visited the school, and we had a great experience. We have another daughter and would like to ask for CGA’s support again.

Parent, King’s Ely, January 2020

My son has studied in the Leys for four years. CGA provides a very good guardian service throughout this time. They not only care about his life in the school and on leave weekends, but his academic work as well. We, his parents staying in Asia, rely on CGA all the time and they are reliable, very professional and helpful.

Parent, The Leys School, January 2020

We really appreciate the great support and help we have received from Julia, Antonia and CGA the past two years. With their assistance, our son could study without us and far away from home, and have the chance to stay with local host families and learn different cultures, which will provide additional or potential benefits to my son in the future. We believe that CGA will continue to provide a high quality service to every boarding child in the future. Thanks!

Parent, Felsted School, January 2020

We are so lucky to have the chance to know you and your team. In the past three years you gave us precious and warm help in unfamiliar situations. You are Professional and efficient at all times and keep us updated giving us great support and comfort. We express our sincere thanks to you! We recommend you and your agent to our Chinese friends who need Guardianship services.

Parent, King’s Ely, January 2020

In addition to providing us with a well-vetted host family, attending and reporting on school meetings, and other guardian services, CGA has always been very responsive to our various requests and concerns. They take the time to get to know our son and have been able to give us good advice based on his needs. Thank you Julia, and thank you Antonia, for giving us the peace of mind knowing our boy is in safe hands.

Parent, Westminster School, January 2020

We are very thankful for CGA for choosing a wonderful host family for our daughter and all the services including transportation to and from the airport to the school, visits at school and attendance at parent meetings. Our daughter is far from Japan in the UK, but with CGA’s warm professional guardianship, we are very much reassured of our daughter’s safety and happy life in the school. Thank you.

Parent, King’s Canterbury Junior School, January 2020

We recommend CGA for their reliable and professional service. For instance, Julia and Antonia will provide information regarding university application and holiday activities in advance, which helps a lot; the parent’s meeting reports by Ann always contain every important point made by the teacher, enabling me to understand my child’s condition very well. We appreciate the host family Julia recommended, who are a very lovely. They not only give my daughter her careful routine and day-time support with good advice, they also took her to restaurants, the punting, a Cambridge May Ball and lots of activities. My child has a very happy time with the family. Their home is warm and comfortable, in a convenient, safe region in the Cambridge city close to the school, which is only 10 minutes ride by bike.

Parent, The Perse, January 2020

We appreciate all of the CGA team’s support. Based upon their understanding of the school, their response and support are always quick and appropriate by taking our requirements and culture into consideration. Moreover, they help my daughter with her academic concerns, sharing useful information, giving her kind advice and arranging appropriately qualified private tutors. These really support her studies while away. We fully recommend CGA for your child’s guardianship and for students studying at Westminster school.

Parent, Westminster School, January 2020

I’m so grateful for all the help Cambridge Guardian Angels has provided for my daughter while she studies at The Perse. You are the reason why my daughter has settled so quickly into her life in Cambridge. My wife and I really appreciate the fact that you are always patient to listen and willing to help, no matter what we ask for. Thank you for all the efforts you have put in to ensure my daughter’s safety and happiness!

Parent, The Perse, January 2020

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We offer fully-inclusive guardianship services for boarding and day school students. We provide individually tailored services to help your child achieve with confidence and be the best they can be.


1. Home Stay

During the weekends and holiday periods, your child will need a secure and safe place to stay. Our carefully selected host families are security checked to ensure you have the peace of mind that all parents are looking for.

2. Transfers

From the moment your child steps off the airplane onto British soil, Cambridge Guardian Angels will ensure that transfers are booked through our trusted network of transportation partners.

3. 24 Hour Contact

At Cambridge Guardian Angels, we understand that 24 hour contact is essential with different time zones, as well as providing comfort in the knowledge that you can speak to your child at any given time.

4. Communication

Regular updates are provided as standard practice, and our host families are fully briefed on what is required at the start of each placement. If you have any special requests we can speak to the host families to let them know.

5. Child Visits

We recognise that children need to feel continued support from their host family, and this is why we frequently visit your child at school, to check on their happiness and academic progress. This will be reported back to you during our regular calls / contact.

6. Education Support

Whatever your child's learning needs, we will work together with your chosen school to organise the most suitable support. This may be through extra curricular activities, such as academic tuition, or in the form of after school  / holiday clubs.